Tips For Buying Stun-Guns to Protect Yourself When it comes to defending yourself in today’s world there are a few different choices that you have. However each option has its own risks and drawbacks that may or may not make it work good for you! Lets look at some popular options below! A popular option […]

Have you ever wondered what was going on in your home when you are not there? Perhaps you have hired a babysitter and want to know how she is treating your infant, or perhaps you have a roommate that you do not quite trust, and you wish you had a way to look in on […]

I have been wanting to learn more about self defense so that I can make sure that I’m protected while I’m out in public. The world is getting to be a dangerous place in many ways. While I don’t want to walk around paranoid, I also don’t want to walk around naive either. However, as […]

We all like to feel safe in our homes, and we do this in a number of ways, extra locks on the doors and windows, installing an alarm system, and in some cases putting up cameras to monitor the outside of the house. What you use will depend on the area you live in, and […]

The answer to this question is NO. If you never spend time outside walking, jogging, running, camping, hiking or any outdoor activity, you do not need an animal repellent. For everyone else I recommend to have at least one with you. We all have heard the stories of joggers or even people just walking being […]

Why do we need home security products? Our world is not as harmless anymore as it was only some years ago. I have the feeling that every time I watch the news flash there is nothing else than news about crime. That is why it is crucial that we look deeper into protecting our house […]