Question About Pepper Spray?

Pepper-SprayPepper spray can be a controversial subject and bring up many questions. Many people do not know to much about pepper spray and all they know that it burn your eyes.

Although this is true there is a lot more that a pepper or mace spray can do and come with. They heat from different brands can vary since there are a few ways to measure and publish the heat.

We have wrote an article that is called pepper spray information and facts on C&E Security for you to read all about it.

In this short article I can not tell you all there is to know about pepper spray and how many products are available to help you stay safe by using a hot pepper spray.

The products range from a simple keychain pepper spray to a full blown pepper gun from the Mace company and it is just a personal choice what will work in your specific situation.

Read the article on our website and than com back here to let others know what you thought about it.




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