Stun Gun Versus Pepper Spray

In the world of self defense product there is an forever going on discussion.
What is more effective, a pepper spray or a stun gun.

I am sure that I can not answer that question because it is like the chicken and the egg story.

I all depends on your specific situation and what you prefer to use for self defense.

The pros of a pepper spray are:

  • You do not have to be close to your attacker
  • Very affordable
  • Very small and easy to hide
  • Available in many shapes and forms

    The pros of a stun gun are:

  • Comes in many shape and sizes
  • Most people know the effect
  • The sound alone scares people of
    As you can see it is not easy to choose between a pepper spray or a stun gun.

    Find out what is better for you – stun gun or pepper spray.

    Reason for us to writ a whole extended article on our website about the pepper spray information and facts. In this article we tell you all there is to know
    about this very effective non lethal self defense product that you can carry on you at all times to incapacitate your attacker and go for help.

    The second article is named stun gun information and facts and this one will tell you and answer every question you ever had about how and why of stun guns.
    Including advice on the best ones to use in many situations. You will find that a lot of people have their facts wrong when it comes to carrying a stun gun for self defense.

    After reading these two articles you are now knowledgeable enough to make your choice or at least go to our store to have a look at all the different types and models to choose from.

    If you still have questions after that you can always contact us through our email page.


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