All you Ever Wanted To Know About Stun Guns

On our blog we get a lot of questions on the use of  a stun gun for self defense purposes. Reason for us to write a long post about it and if you like to read the whole article read it here:

Many people are kind of scared of maybe using a stun gun in a real life threatening situation and I can fully understand that. We all have seen the reality shows where the police uses a taser on someone. Let me tell you that a lot of people already run when they hear the crackling sound of a stun gun for the same reason that you are scared of it.

In our article on we try to give you all the information on what a stun gun is and how it actually works. The technical side is not mentioned because most people do not care too much about that, but are interested in how to use it in a way that it will work.

We describe all the types of stun devices and what they all have in common. We also inform you about the cons of using a stun gun and how to find the one that is the best in your specific situation.

If you still have questions you can contact us and we will do everything to help you in any way we can.

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion on our site or on one of our many blogs we update regularly. The in our opinion ultimate stun gun information and fact has been read by many people and I hope we can add you to that list.



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